Violet Flame

Raise Vibration with the Cleansing Spiritual Fire

Imagine you are having a shower on the inside. Like a water shower that washes away the sweat from the body, a spiritual shower on the inside cleanses and purifies your inner self – the part that is frazzled and on edge from the busy day or the strain of a bad day.
Violet Flame raises vibration
The Violet Flame, when applied, is very much like a shower on the inside. It is a blessed gift from God said to be an aspect of the Holy Spirit. Even though it uses the imagination and in our culture that doesn’t seem to count for much, it’s a spiritual tool that works for making good the misuse of personal energy.

On the surface it appears too subtle and gentle to have much of an impact, but if you are on a spiritual path already you will have noticed there is great power in the subtle and unseen forces.

What is the Violet Flame

It is beautiful that sunlight when refracted by water droplets in the air splits into the seven colours of the rainbow. In the spiritual counterpart of the rainbow colours, each ray of colour has its own band of Divine characteristics. Violet has the highest frequency in the visible light spectrum and is associated with the crown chakra, the connection with the Divine.
The violet flame is made tangible by all the collective thoughts from all the people who have ever called it forth to invoke it and embodies the powers that are associated with it – in the same way a mantra carries the momentum of all who have ever used it. So it can be brought forth in the mind from the collective unconscious in a real and accessible sense.
Rainbow Violet Flame
It was first brought to humanity’s attention through the teachings of the Ascended Master Saint Germain, Lord of the Seventh Ray. He was a High Priest in Atlantis and a powerful healer who introduced the Violet Flame as a tool to ignite personal alchemy to turn negative energies into high frequency love-based energies.

After the fall of Atlantis knowledge of the violet flame seemed to have sunk with it.
Then for centuries awareness of it was very sparse, and mostly withheld allegedly due to humanity’s spiritual state. You can imagine that if widely known the power of the violet flame would have been misused. Its power to cleanse would be used as a way to wipe oneself clean from the regret of wrong-doing – only to go out and sin again.

In fact during the 16th century, Catholics were happy to buy a letter of pardon called ‘indulgences’ (aptly named). Naturally, this practice encouraged hypocrisy. Over time it would stall the spiritual development of a person by locking them into a cycle of sin-repent, sin-repent, sin-repent. Forever stuck in the duality thinking and way of being they were blocked from realising the full conscious effects of their actions and remained chained to their karma.

But now through the Ascended Master Teachings, much of it originally released by the Theosophical Society, it became more widely known from the 1930s through Guy Ballard and the I AM Religious Activity.

In the new Aquarian Age today (post 1990s), the special dispensation of the Violet Flame sets us in a more advanced context as we can apply it psychologically to the root of problems like negative states and misuse of energy – rather than absolving sins. It works beautifully at taming the ego – especially when you have an ego reaction that refuses to let go, and if left unchecked, is bound to lodge itself and create more unhappiness.

Violet Flame Raises Vibration

How does it do this? All matter vibrates at the level of the atom due to the speed the electrons spin around the nucleus. What’s incredible is that atoms, despite having their nucleus of protons/neutrons and orbiting electrons – are vastly vastly more made up of empty space. It’s in this space that residue and murk from negative energy will settle and thicken.
Violet Flame in sunset
This murk increases the density of the atom and for a person it means the electrons in their body spin slower – lowering their vibration. It then becomes easy to detach from higher energies and ‘resonate more with negativity’. The aura around the body becomes dimmer and the Life Force can’t replenish the person’s being as fully which has consequences for physical and mental health.

The violet flame works by increasing vibration on this level. When called upon it permeates through the mind-body like a broom sweeping negative energies away. When the space between the molecules of the atoms in the body clears from emotional debris you feel lighter in your body. It feels like someone whispered in your ear, ‘relax, it wasn’t your fault’.

There is a four-fold benefit :

Physically – dissolves or reduces tension, improves health
Mentally – slows mind-chatter and improves focus
Emotionally – releases calm, lightness and balance
Spiritually – helps to be in the now, connect with life force, improve vitality.

The violet flame helps the circulation of Chi, the vital life force energy, in the body and greatly reduces the influence of the negative ego. The narrow-minded ego thoughts retreat leaving you in a relaxed and more expansive aware state.

What is Chi ?

Source: Chi Machine International,

Everything is made of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light and color. The existence of electromagnetic fields around every object in the world – known as an Aura – is a scientifically proven fact. The Chinese refer to this energy as Chi (pronounced ‘chee’), the vital life force energy of the Universe, present within every living thing. Western medical science is now beginning to take a serious look at ancient Far Eastern traditions that focus on Chi, the life force energy which flows through the body pathways – known as meridians and chakras – of all living forms, in order to maintain health and wellness, mentally, physically and emotionally.

How to Use the Violet Flame

You can close your eyes in a meditative moment or some quiet time and imagine in your mind’s eye a blazing fire of violet colour. Sometimes the mind’s eye will seem to move in to close-up view and your imagination will picture for you the texture or wall of the violet flame. Either way is effective.

You can also couple that with a decree which can be said in the mind (rather than out loud). The simplest decree is the one from Summit Lighthouse:

“I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!”

Before you start, take a few deep breaths in and out and focus your attention on your heart. In other words, imagine you are thinking from your heart.

As you say the decree pay attention to the meaning of the words and relax without expectation. You can repeat the decree as many times as is comfortable.

Exercise: How to apply the Violet Flame for Cleansing

1. Sit with a good posture, looking straight ahead, feet flat on the floor and place hands on your lap.

2. Say the decree in your mind three times to ignite it:
‘I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity God desires’.

3. Now with eyes closed, visualize the violet flame in your mind’s eye. Don’t worry if it looks like a single candle flame or flame wall-paper.

4. Imagine you are sitting in front of a large camp fire. Now turn the colour of the fire into a more violet hue and watch the flames blaze and flicker.

5. Imagine you move forward into the flame.
6. You are translucent in the heart of the fire. The fire has a coolness to it.

After a couple of weeks of consistently using the violet flame you find that when you close your eyes at night, the residual colour (in the back of your eyelids) is not black/orange but more violet.

Why the Violet Flame Works

Negative ego thoughts and feelings raise the body’s acidity. For example, when anger releases adrenalin in the body the impulse for physical release is triggered.
Violet Flame in sunset
When there is no physical release and the anger is bottled up because it’s seen as an inappropriate response, the bottled feeling turns in on the body like a toxin.

Focusing on the violet fire while clearing your thoughts will dissolve the toxic and corrosive effect of anger and melt away the intensity of the emotion.

Even in general it will unload the dead weight and murk from negative energy that we unconsciously carry on our shoulders. It doesn’t take long before you feel a weight lifted off your back (or chest) and more balance and sense of proportion in your thinking. The high vibration of the violet flame permeates your entire being and encourages a greater sense of ease.

You can set free trapped energy that tends to express itself in repetitive negative spirals and restore your energy signature. Because it transmutes negative energy, the atoms in your body hold less density and the electrons spin faster which frees up the flow of life force and voila, you have raised your vibration!

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