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It is said that it takes guts to come to Earth. Some world systems have physical challenges others have mental challenges. Earth is one of the few that has both. For every soul who ventures into this crazy, wild, beautiful and violent world of humanity, there are dozens more souls who would not dare. It takes guts because the soul world knows how easy it is to lose your way after being born here with the amnesia of the veil and the lure of ego consciousness.
Spiritual awakening bootcamp

To add to the memory loss, and being cut off from Source, is ego’s narrow perspective encouraged by a popular culture towards the lower aspects of human nature. If it shows the higher aspects of human nature it tends to tie them to morality or religious obedience – which as you know are both associated with the dualistic thinking of good versus evil.

The spiritual awakening and the raising of the earth’s vibration to be closer to fifth dimension consciousness will free us from the rut in which we got bogged. Many people have been coming to earth for thousands of years only to spin on the same spot. This is the main side-effect of having the amnesia when we are born.

spiritual awakening and age of aquarius
We are reset back to zero at the start of each life. If we picked up wisdom and advanced in the previous life the only way to build upon it in the current life is if we are in touch with our soul.

If we choose to live only by ego, and ignore or pretend we don’t have a soul, then we are blocked from discovering and tapping into that reserve built from previous lives. Instead, what tends to happen is the spinning on the spot in the Karmic wheel of birth-death-rebirth.

Why the amnesia and reset back to zero (or factory settings)? On the surface it seems mean but it could be necessary so we don’t cheat the system so to speak (or more accurately, cheat ourselves) and go through life half-heartedly because we know there are more lives to come so we can use them up like tissues.

Also with amnesia, when you learn or rediscover something lost, it hits you with the full force of a glorious experience felt with all parts of your being. It resonates like the tolling of a bell or sings like a song from the roof-tops. It will not just linger in the mind – it is felt, lived and breathed.
Spiritual awakening deep
For some, the many lives spent spinning on the spot will one day reach a critical mass and something gives. A person gets a light bulb moment or a strange yearning percolates up from deep within. Some get there from reaching a point of suffering when they can take no more and the part that was resisting to the bitter end, suddenly surrenders.

Others are ‘born awake’ but have to spend a large part of their life finding a way to shake off the stigma by society and others that they are not normal, and suffer loneliness and isolation. That’s a very hard gig and we can take our hats off to those souls who have chosen to use that particular path. Others who feel a similar isolation are Near Death Experience (NDE) survivors.

The strongest element of Boot Camp Earth is the play of fear. Every doubt from a person about their own authority or whether there is a god or not, comes from fear. Fully believing in a higher force is for some like making the decision to walk a tight-rope (with the javelin for balance). It means deciding to trust fully with no evidence that the walk on the tightrope is going to lead to safety (or in this case truth). Now that takes guts.

But it’s not the type of guts associated with heroic bravery. It’s more like a daring to surrender because somewhere deep inside we already know we know the truth but somehow the ego creates a reluctance or a blindness to facing it.

The idea of surrender is so opposite to ego, that it will stand in the way of a person reaching that conclusion and flood them with magnified irrational fears and doubts. Many people who set to break records or compete in world class championships are skilled at pushing past those fears and doubts.

I keep a dream journal, and it occurred to me as I was writing this blog that one of my dreams might have been some adaptive training for coming to earth. Let me tell you this dream and see what you think:

Dream: The Earth Readiness Test

Context: The place and the situation in this dream seems very familiar, like I’ve come here many times in my dreams.
Spiritual boot camp
It is something like a cliff (near the ocean) and I stand at the top of the cliff. I jump off deliberately and am very frightened by the G force as I fall like a stone down a giant slide.

The compulsion to do this feels like it’s from a dare put on me by a bully friend that I must follow through yet I hate it. I seem to do this a lot to myself even though it’s a choice I can make and I always feel resistance about doing it but the only way out is through.

This time, while I am standing on the edge of the cliff, I decide that I will come here no more and do this no more.

The dream left me with a sense of release and some spiritual progress. Often with spiritual dreams there can be multiple meanings.

Physical Mental Emotional Boot Camp

So now to look at specifics about what makes earth the ultimate boot camp? As you can see here, it is three-fold:


1. We live in a perishable body that has vulnerabilities.

2. Our environment is harsh with weather, gravity and impact, sensorial overloads like dissonance, low vibration noise and frequencies, toxicities and pollution.

3. Everything requires effort – from moving place to place, providing our daily needs, getting and manifesting things for our survival and pleasure, and maintaining those things.


1. Our linear mind is geared for physical reality but we have to learn all our life and occupational skills from scratch with repetition, trial and error, study, dedication and practice. (A great framework for developing mastery.)

2. Because we live through our five senses we know reality subjectively. It takes a conscious decision to think objectively or critically – a skill which we don’t get much of in the education system. As the saying goes, ‘common sense is not so common’. This leaves us very open to indoctrination.

3. The mental body is heavily influenced by the emotional body which means our emotional state can drive the flavour and content of our thoughts for better or for worse.


1. To have a connection with another takes time spent together in a formative sense. It’s easy to be misunderstood and judged unfairly by others.

2. With duality thinking the ego mind swings from one polarity to another and that’s exhausting.

3. Emotions require expression, especially strong ones. So if you deny one because of convenience or denial, it doesn’t fade away but settles in another part of your being like the mental or physical (eg. mind chatter or a bad headache).

Soul Warrior

A recruit from Earth who has mastered his or her lower self is highly regarded in the spirit world. Earth is a system where a soul can accelerate their spiritual growth and ascension. It wasn’t always like this for anybody. In the past the true wisdoms were carefully hidden from the bulk of humanity. But since the Age of Aquarius the flood gates have opened and the veil between our world and the spirit world has thinned.

If you have read this far, rest assured you have come a long way to be awakened. It takes self-honesty, surrender of pretences and judgements, and opening up to a child-like curiosity alongside the intellect. It takes guts because right now we are spread thinly around the world and you may be the only one among your circle of family and friends.

You’ve transformed from a worrier to a warrior and others will notice, even if you don’t, that there is something about you that is intriguing. Watch your higher senses get sharper, especially intuition, which becomes your ever reliable servant. No matter what goes on around the world today or next year, the real you, not the ego you, is invincible.

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