God’s Will vs Free Will

Why is it hard to follow the Will of God?

Because Religions have deprived us of the full meaning. It has always claimed we must obey. It is a strange choice of word since human instinct is to beware of ‘obey’. So there is already an inbuilt resistance to seeing ‘God’s will’ as natural or even easy.
Gods Will Jesus at Corcovado
This throws humanity off track and casts us as less than what we are and that choosing God’s Will is an act of surrender rather than a liberation.

We are co-creators with God which is why we were given Free Will. God gave us free will so we can choose whether to follow Him and do His will, or not.

What is not emphasised enough is that God’s Will is not about following a Ruler’s stubborn Will but following a way – God’s Way of Light.

We are both fortunate and unfortunate to be living in a time when this choice between following the Light of God or not is being and will continue to be tested.

We will see that those who live without Light will be mentally and emotionally badly affected by the changes in society around them. But the person who lives in the Light of Christ will literally see all for what it is – a spiritual war.

It may even come down to some people struggling to make sense of it all and having a eureka light-bulb moment that goes off in their head. They suddenly see the gibberish around them and the world becoming nonsensical like Alice in Wonderland – this can’t be what reality was supposed to be.
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God’s Will is not that imposing really. It is a blue-print for the most optimal living and a guiding light out of the dark recesses of consciousness.

It is not obedience because we have free will. Any institution that says we must obey is really saying you must obey them.

It was Jesus who said you only have to follow his Two Great Commandments and that is all you need to follow the Will of God:

1. ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul and your mind.’

2. ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’

(Matthew 22:36-40- New International Version)

An extension of the 2nd Commandment is:

‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

Then if it’s known that God gave us free will then why does Religion contradict that by saying and asserting we must obey God’s Will?

Because when it comes to free will, Religion wants to insert itself as an intermediary between you and God just to depersonalise the connection and make it more abstract than real.

It’s a twist of the truth to divorce us from a sense of intimacy with God. God’s will IS our will when we are fully actualised, fully awakened, fully spiritual.

We come back into the fold – sons and daughters of God. We do not have to obey (a negative and primitive concept) as once we are awakened we delight in being Lighter.
God and Yes Men
It’s a far more genuine respect for God because it is truly voluntary – none of this ‘I better’, ‘I must’ or ‘I should’.

The heart of Spirituality says we will follow the will of God when we want to willingly, not because we should. Why? Because it’s got to be from the heart and not from a need to do the right thing or follow rules or tradition or authority. That’s just paying lip service and how many stand in church every Sunday to do just that?

The gift of free will is an opportunity to experience and expand one’s state of awareness as we live with the consequences of our actions. The intention is to learn from this not to wallow in victim-hood.

But we live with the abuse of Free Will all around us. It creates a dilemma in many minds of conscientious people like this person who I shared a comment with on a spirituality LinkedIn forum:

Matilda, greetings friend:
So you believe that events within our world play out the way they do because you can and are? And if so, is this a possible contributing element of why men have committed atrocious acts of horror throughout history — because they thought they could and they are? I am attempting to understand the way my fellow men think here so please indulge me my friend. 🙂 – Richard.

From my understanding, as individual souls, we have total free will, “to be or not to be”. So yes, all those atrocities were acts of choice.

People back then could not separate from their ego impulses as possibly as we can today and were completely identified with them. Today, there’s a greater chance for a person with a violent thought to observe that he or she just had a violent thought and is more likely to choose not to act upon it. This is not necessarily due to spiritual wisdom, many non-religious or atheistic people lead moral lives and abhor violence as a way to get even.

From the Soul’s point of view, you could say that all violence, hatred, and revenge that was metered out to innocent victims (or otherwise) is a poetic licence we have to do just that, and in the process, strengthen qualities in ourselves like compassion, forgiveness and mercy and discover the horror and utter futility of living and expressing ourselves in petty and violent ways.
Gods Will proverb
We already knew this but we are experiencing it first hand. Let’s face it there is no greater knowing than experiencing something rather than just knowing of or reading about it.

When people chose to disconnect from universal love and God, violence became one obvious choice. It would never have been a choice taken if they had chosen to be mindful instead of mindless. That is one consequence of exercising our choice of Free Will with bad judgement.

There is a verse in the Bible that refers to God’s response to those who reject His Will and use their free will to do evil:

(Matthew 7:21-23 – New King James Version) –

21 ‘Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.

22 ‘Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’

23 ‘And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me’, you who practice lawlessness!’

If it still sounds hard to follow God’s Will, it’s because we make it so by our conditioning to expect these things to be difficult and to involve suffering. So we create resistance in our minds. Someone once said (and I can’t find the source):

“First we learn through suffering, then we learn through joy.”

So what is the transition from learning from suffering and then learning through joy? Well it is an inside job and not one that is achieved in a week.

It is like we are a prism of many sides and it’s not until all our sides are in agreement upon this do we transition out of the suffering stage of learning. It means a child-like letting go and daring to trust – if you could describe it in a nutshell emotion.

From my experience, the only way I can lighten my load is to adjust the way I think and feel about it. If I can’t let it go and I form some attachment to it, then it weighs me down.

When I see the choice available to me, that it’s a gift or a lesson, I can choose to ‘lighten up’. Once this becomes habitual, then the load becomes smaller and lighter, and only gets heavier if I choose to add to my load. Following the will of God which is really our optimized will, lightens the emotional and mental load one carries in life.


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  4. Your blog was amazing my friend said we don’t have freewill in the spirit realms

    1. Your friend is correct in a sense. The free will is the choice to turn away from God. In the higher realms you would never do that because love is all around you.

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