Fear Busting 2 – The Concern about Worry

Part 2 in a series of three articles about managing fear.

In our culture worry is a normalised and habitual response to threat, uncertainty, challenge, or change. At this pivotal time in history with the Spiritual Awakening and so much confusion, division, and danger in the world, it’s even more prevalent as a reflex reaction.

Worry and Concern

The upshot is that worry is an ego state and is aligned with victim-hood. If you cast yourself as a victim you are powerless. With feeling powerless comes paralysis, and with paralysis comes a state of underlying fear.
Down the Rabbit Hole
You would have to be living ‘off the grid’ to be able to switch off from the insanity of the world now that the internet opens up a labyrinth of ‘rabbit holes’ to explore like YouTube’s line up of autoplay and Up Next feeds. It’s hard to switch off when mainstream news feeds are now shown in public places, gymnasiums, waiting rooms, office break-out rooms and eating places. No you can’t be left in peace.

The Bible has many references to worry in both the Old and New Testaments. The teachings of Jesus advise that we should not declare what the future holds with worry’s finality. That is a rigid stance to take which blocks the flow of inspiration by sentencing the future to a doom and gloom that could act as an attractor. What we think in the ever unfolding Now lays the tracks for the future, whether that’s 10 minutes from now or next year. This is for your own life, not the state of the world.
Bible quotes on Worry
When you think about concern it has a very different feel to it. With concern no one can accuse you of not caring because you refuse to worry. They would prefer your concern to your worry anyway. But that’s just one reason to be concerned instead.

Concern, unlike worry, is an awareness of a problem without sentencing it to a certain fate. It’s a type of alertness that makes you receptive to possible solutions or ways of coping and seeing your way through to minimize its impact. At worst the object of the concern is a serious challenge.

Worry, is taking that awareness of the problem and letting ego run riot with it, dragging you by the collar and rubbing your face into it with its predictions about what will happen next, the worst possible outcome, and blowing it out of proportion.

This locks a person into a predetermined destiny and what they worry about may transpire and when it does they haven’t equipped themselves to handle it, only to suffer it like a helpless victim. At worst the object of the worry is a problem that may not get solved or may worsen thanks to the fruitless worrying.

Notice from the following comparison list the differences between concern and worry. Worry seems to confine the mind with a limited outlook and actually makes things worse:

The mini Worry vs Concern Debate

Worry vs Concern

Worse is if Worry stops you from seeing an opportunity. You may be faced with a challenging choice or situation, one that takes you out of your comfort zone. The pushy ego will come at you urgently with its relentless worry petition. Worry induces irrational fear (and I stress irrational fear) which might stop you from taking an important step that could lead to an opening of some sort. You may or may not know this at the time. So yes, worry is the enemy of: risk-taking; taking a leap of faith; giving the benefit of the doubt; seizing the moment.

Whereas Concern takes a deep breath and a step back – a more objective view in contrast with worry’s subjective view. The situation can be seen from a human experience perspective, with a knowing that life always presents challenges and that there is very likely a hidden opportunity – a silver lining.

Instead of worrying about what might happen, focus despite the odds, focus on the outcome you want or what good can come out of it. You then resonate with it and draw it into manifestation in your life from the quantum level into physical reality.

By choosing No to Worry you don’t shift into the gear of fear. This strong negative emotion has a paralysing effect physically, emotionally and mentally. Be concerned but never worry if you want to remain receptive to eureka moments and golden opportunities, not to mention preserve your health.

If ever you find yourself saying ‘this is not the be all and end all’, or words to that effect, you can also remind yourself that each human life that you have and its ego personality is one costume in your soul’s wardrobe.

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