Ego Trips and Landing Safely

Have you ever been sucked into something that wasn’t too savoury? This can happen when you’re searching for spiritual truths. It happened to me recently when I decided to look up a well-known and outspoken philosopher-comedian. He was one of those ‘conspiracy theory types’ and had a clever take on the way things are going in the world, socially, politically and economically.
ego trip and discernment

I started to watch one of his stage performances on a one-hour Youtube video, on my PC. Pretty soon, he started to drop the F word. I didn’t like hearing it, but I overlooked his coarseness because of his popularity and his clever insights. I don’t like the F word because it dulls the senses and promotes illiteracy.

What kept me listening was that he said many things that I could relate to as a citizen of the world. Although he seemed to be an atheist, he mentioned some universal truths like the power of ‘letting go’. He was scathing of religion but never once mentioned spirituality.

Then my husband came home, after a peaceful outing, to find me listening to a passionate speaker spraying the F word. I became snarky with him after he suggested I was dipping into something I shouldn’t, as if I was taking it seriously. That night I had a heavy feeling and associated thoughts of worry. I felt anxious about the way things seem to be heading in the world.

On top of that, I’d digested some content from a website, a blogger who said archangels were mostly imposters who could lead you astray. That most of them were playing with us to divert us from the truth, and draining our energy. I was confused.

ego trip and being down

Later in the evening, my reality had a different flavour. That night I was not as relaxed and had trouble falling asleep.

When I woke up, again, in the early hours of the morning an old fobia returned about the clock alarm going off if I did go back to sleep too late. The next day I was in a low state.

Now I happened to be reading a book by the spiritual author, Sandy Stevenson, called The Awakener The Time is Now. It has a chapter about being discerning. According to Sandy, the ascended masters, (and presumably the archangels):

“…each have an imposter using their name in the lower dimensions. These ones give out misinformation, misdirect mission tasks, and promote fear. If you ask why this is permitted, free will and choice exist for all. There would be no concern if everyone practiced discernment.”

After reading this, my confusion stopped. This time I was learning the information from a more neutral point of view. I would say that when watching, reading or listening to spiritual teachers, or otherwise, it’s not only bad residual effects that you should watch out for, but any confusion.

Any ‘spiritual’ information, either through blogs, videos, or books, that leaves you feeling flat, edgy, uneasy, or confused, means you need to be discerning and back out from them.

Spiritual truth is clear like a bell. You feel better after being exposed to it, not worse. As spiritual author, Sanaya Roman, once said, ‘the Truth feels like you already knew it’.

There are some sensitive and intelligent spiritual disseminators who have helpful and astute things to say, but somehow their messages get infiltrated, if I can use that word, by a negativity from spending too much of their focus on what’s wrong with the world and the dark side of spirituality.

The power of the dark is only in how much people give their attention to it through thought or feeling, or both.

There are experienced spiritual bloggers who write articles about the dark energy and go into some detail into figuring it all out. But that’s the idea, attracting people to think a certain way about the world and spirituality – emphasising duality of the Light and the Dark, focusing on ‘the battle’ – animating the dark and giving it legs.

Before you know it you have a mass thought-feeling that coalesces into a manifesting energy. The dark depends on you and me worrying about bad times ahead, and world domination, for example.

According to any spiritual teaching, what you focus upon most becomes your reality. If the vast majority of people focused on the positive, not on what is lacking, much of the acceptance of this inevitability would loosen, and the possibilities of something less absolute and oppressive from manifesting could have a chance of unfolding.

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