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We are used to believing ego holds all of our identity – what makes me, me. Even main branches of spirituality (let alone religion) refer to ego and consciousness with little to no discussion of the soul. One well-known identity refers to ‘awareness having an experience’. Why is the subject of Soul always neatly tucked away? There are a few interesting reasons.
Soul wardrobe of ego lives
The main reason is censorship. But why about the soul? I see two main factors at work here:

Firstly, being in touch with one’s soul reveals we are more than what we are taught to believe. If we know we came here for a reason, have multiple ego lives which are the garments in the soul’s wardrobe, and that contact with the soul makes you mentally sovereign – we are far less able to be manipulated by others into their dogma whether it’s political, consumer, social or spiritual.
Ego hair extensions
Secondly, using spirituality and religion to sidestep soul and focus on consciousness and ego would very likely turn off a lot of people who drop spirituality as they would come to the conclusion they’d have to surrender their individuality to become truly spiritual.

Until people understand (through heart feeling) that the sense of being part of the Oneness does not equate to losing your self, it will continue to be a stumbling block for many who wonder about the value of spirituality.

It is true you are ‘awareness having an experience’ but you are also an individual soul. You are both at the same time. The problem is that ego consciousness says it’s impossible to be two different things at the same time.

When we forget we are souls and let ego rule, we settle for less in many ways. Ego is focused on external identification which makes it easy pickings for steering and controlling by others. Soul which is private, is your own internal rudder and is full of great ideas and very fun. So sorry ego, you don’t have a monopoly on fun.

One example of ego’s limitations is how it sterilises talk between people as generally only safe subjects are discussed. Fear of making and taking offence prevails. Fear of being unaccepted or rejected as well.

We identify with our ideas way too much and feel slighted or take offence when someone feels the opposite way. Ego personalises political views when it’s just someone else’s bias. So dialogue in social settings is not often spicy. It feeds into separation as people don’t really open up to each other – a boon for ‘divide and conquer’.

Now the Soul understands it is Individual and also part of the Oneness-with-All. What binds that is Universal Love. We are able to share differences without taking it personally.
Spiritual freedom
Each human soul is more unique than any individual ego life could be. How am I sure of this? Well apart from personal revelation there is evidence from pioneers like Dr Michael Newton whose past life regression hypnotherapy uncovered a soul life between earth lives. See this personal nine minute video of his credible and amazing story at Michael Newton – Past Life Therapy Journey where he describes how he discovered it.

I love a one-liner that’s in the movie Dannion Brinkley — Saved by the Light. This movie re-enacts the true story of an ordinary man’s Near Death Experience. In a scene near the end of the movie when he spoke in front of an audience, a staunch sceptic scientist demanded to know what qualifications he actually had to give credibility to the evidence he was presenting? Dannion replied ‘D.O.A.’

Then as he left the court, an older stern woman eyed-balled him and said words to the effect that if God had seriously decided to reveal all this to him, then He must have been scraping the bottom of the barrel. And Dannion replied, ‘Yes ma’am, He was.’

Soul is so cool. Wait till you really get in touch with yours if you haven’t already.
So for now let’s look at:

Nine Ego Illusions with Ego and Soul Responses

With Soul on the defensive, Ego takes center stand as pitcher in this mini ping-pong match:

1. One life only

E – Makes life meaningless and may as well use and abuse
S – Makes a life an opportunity to experience, learn and grow.

2. Death is final

E – Increases fear exponentially
S – Makes fear of death pointless

3. God judges and condemns

E – Then I don’t want to know about Him
S – Soul knows you judge and condemn yourself

4. You’re just a sinner

E – This means you were born unworthy and need to be punished when you do wrong
S – To sin means to ‘miss the mark’, and ‘what goes around, comes around’.

5. Personal worth comes from others

E – Approval is more important than self-respect
S – Self respect leads to approval from others

6. Need laws and rules to obey

E – Can’t do the right thing unless controlled by authority
S – Not if you live by ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

7. Only Experts know

E – Abandon common sense and intuition
S – Expert advice is tempered with common sense or wisdom.

8. Always listen to your head

E – Mind can rationalise anything, even to harm others
S – Listen to your heart intelligence as well

9. You need status to be special

E – Creates separation and superiority over others
S – You are already special as an individual soul (it takes guts to come here).

If you wonder whether Soul may be no more than wishful thinking, find out how it was systematically removed from Christian teachings in the early Dark Ages in this blog Soul Reincarnation or No Soul and One Life.

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