Ego Alchemy – Journey from the lead of Ego to the Gold of Soul

A handbook of spiritual psychology based on real life experiences.


This book shows (not tells) how to train the self-limiting ego and why it’s the best present you can give yourself.

If you apply many of the tips and tools (consistently and sincerely) it will make you more secure, confident, and lighter in your body. From this your whole health improves, you heal faster and age slower.
soul sun and ego moon
Sounds too good to be true? It is not. It’s based on the author’s own experience over 15 years of studying, practising and applying spiritual tools – now told through frank personal recounts, real life dialogues, timeless wisdoms, and short easy mind exercises that look simple but do work.

This is practical spiritual psychology. You don’t need to have faith or believe, but can prove for yourself by trying it out. Through your own direct experience you can validate it in your everyday life. In this book you discover:

• The real difference between soul and ego.
• How ego is the same in all of us and robs us of our uniqueness.
• How Soul is not simply a vague and abstract concept.
• How to train and mentor your ego so it complies with your ‘big picture’ goals.
• How to tap into your soul (higher self) and why it’s priceless.
• If you intend to explore spiritual truths, how to be discerning.

With curiosity and passion, I (the author) leverage my conscientious nature, a journalism degree, and a technical writing background to ‘look under the hood’ of the human psyche with the fresh perspective of an outsider looking in – without the filters of an industry expert. It’s a blueprint for fearless living and personal alchemy – spiritual wisdom tested and proven in action.

Ego Alchemy – Table of Contents

The Starting Point

Early Doubts
Search for Meaning
How Religious Faith Survived
Finding Wisdom in a Heresy
Lifting the Lid on Modern Gnosticism
The Signs that All was Not Right
A Spiritual Friend

The Ego Self

A Possible Origin of Ego
The Evolution of Ego/Soul Research
Discovering the Super-conscious
The Strange Gnostic Multiple Ego
New Age Understanding of Ego

Ego Anatomy

The Seven Deadly Sins with Conquering Virtues
The Five Inferior Centres (a Gnostic treatment)
Reconciling Ideas on Ego
Spotting the Ego
Ego Rogues’ Gallery

Ego Psychology

How to Handle the Ego
Dealing with Repetitive Thoughts
The Thought Eraser
Ego Can Set up a False ‘fork in the road’
Ego Facades put Barriers Between People

Ego in Training

Defining your Personal Boundary
Quick Tips for Managing Your Ego Every Day
Staying Positive in Testing Times
Naming your Ego Faces

Situational Ego Training Exercises

1. When in the Grip of an Ego
2. Feeling Irritated by Others
3. Dealing with Unpleasant Feelings/Thoughts
4. Dealing with Fear When Facing a Challenge
5. Facing Negativity from a Family Member
6. Releasing Bottled Anger
7. Feeling Dread before Facing off Someone
8. Slow Down the ‘chatter box’ Mind
9. Lifting Depressive, Flat, or Low States
10. Muzzling the Inner Critic

Mentoring Your Ego

The ‘Hidden Side of our Psychological Moon’
Case Study – A Major Ego Challenge
Working with the Shadow
The Law of Attraction and Counter-intentions
The Power of Silence
Dealing with Other People’s Egos

Being Your Higher Self

Recognise and Connect to your Higher Self
What’s So Great about ‘Being in the Now’
Using Mantras and Affirmations
Getting Answers from your Higher Self
Letting Go is Not the Same as Giving Up
Why ‘Turning the Other Cheek’ Works

Spiritual Discernment

How to Tell if you are Ready for a Spiritual Quest
Discerning Genuine Spiritual Sources
Finding Genuine Spiritual Books
Discerning Real Psychic Ability
Handling Spiritual Readiness in Your Life
Enjoying the Fruits of Your Higher Self

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  1. You could certainly see your skills within the paintings you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

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